Peninsula Clean Energy, Frontier Renewables Ink Deal for 200 MW of New Solar

REDWOOD CITY – On January 26th, the Peninsula Clean Energy (PCE) board of directors approved a long-term power purchase agreement (PPA) for 20 years to purchase the output from a new 200 MW solar photovoltaic power plant to be built in Merced County. This is enough solar energy to power over 75,0000 average California households.

The Wright Solar Park is being developed by San Mateo-based Frontier Renewables LLC, a project development company focused on utility-scale solar photovoltaic technology (PV). This project will be built specifically to provide renewable energy for PCE customers in San Mateo County. Frontier Renewables has already secured an interconnection agreement, land rights, and federal permits for the project, which will set aside conservation land to mitigate for any potential impacts.

PCE’s board of local elected officials unanimously approved the agreement. “A major goal of Peninsula Clean Energy is to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by encouraging the development of new renewable energy projects. We are thrilled that the Wright Solar Park project will be built to serve the residents and businesses of San Mateo County,” noted San Mateo County Supervisor and PCE Board Chair Dave Pine.

Construction of Wright Solar Park is expected to begin in late 2017 and the plant will begin generating clean power in late 2018. The Wright Solar Park has a Project Labor Agreement (PLA) in 2014 with the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers (IBEW), Ironworkers and Operating Engineers for the construction of the solar project. It is expected to have a peak construction labor force of 355 workers and will create the equivalent of 664 job-years during the construction phase. The Wright Solar Park project is designed to operate for 35+ years and will employ approximately 6-10 full time positions for maintenance and operations for the duration of the project’s life.

“Frontier Renewables is excited to partner with Peninsula Clean Energy to provide clean renewable energy for San Mateo County, where our company is based,” stated CEO Balduin Hesse. “We’re proud that Wright Solar Park will be a major contributor to the ambitious clean energy goals of PCE and the State of California.”

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UC to purchase solar energy, partner with Frontier Renewables

The University of California announced today (Sept. 8) that it will make the largest solar energy purchase by any U.S. higher education institution to help power its campuses and medical centers more sustainably. UC signed two Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs) with Frontier Renewables, a power provider focused on solar photovoltaic technology. The agreements secure solar energy for UC for 25 years, and will allow the university to supply 206,000 megawatt-hours per year (MWh/year) of solar energy to California’s electrical grid.

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University of California System Makes Largest Solar Energy Purchase in US – signs PPA with Frontier Renewables

University of California System Makes Largest Solar Energy Purchase in US

The University of California system, to help power its campuses, has made one of the largest solar energy acquisitions in the country by any higher education institution.

The two Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs) signed with Frontier Renewables will provide solar energy to UC for 25 years. At the same time, the University will supply 206,000 megawatt-hours per year (MWh/year) of solar energy to California’s electrical grid.

Since becoming a registered Electric Service Provider, the University’s Wholesale Power Program supplies electric power to five of the state’s 10 campuses – UC Irvine and its medical center, UC Merced, UC San Diego and its medical center, UC San Francisco and its medical center, and UC Santa Cruz.

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University of California Signs Major Solar Deal with Frontier Renewables

The University of California announced yesterday that it will make the largest solar energy purchase by any U.S. higher education institution to fulfill 60% of the energy needs on five campuses and three medical centers.

UC signed two Power Purchase Agreements with Frontier Renewables to secure the renewables energy for a 25 year period. The agreements will help the University meet its goal to make UC the first research university to achieve carbon neutrality by 2025 for all UC’s 10 campuses and five medical centers.

“As a national leader in sustainability, the University of California is taking on bold, new goals and transforming our approach to procuring and using energy in more sustainable ways,” said Napolitano. “Our partnership with Frontier Renewables will ensure that UC has a steady supply of cost-effective, climate-neutral electricity.”


Frontier Renewables mentioned in Reuters Article on Non-Utility PPAs

Apple deal, tax change could spark corporate solar stampede

Apple Inc’s deal to buy nearly $1 billion of power from a massive First Solar Inc plant could be the first of a stampede of contracts driven by the looming change in a solar tax incentive that makes such projects particularly attractive.

Together with a sharp drop in the cost of solar power and corporate efforts to rack up green credentials, the expiring tax subsidies have large energy purchasers taking a hard look at buying solar under big long-term contracts.

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DukeGEN sits down with Balduin Hesse, CEO of Frontier Renewables

What it takes to be a Successful Entrepreneur: DukeGEN sits down with Balduin Hesse of Frontier Renewables

Balduin Hesse is the Co-founder and CEO of Frontier Renewables, which is focused on developing, building and operating utility scale solar PV plants in Germany and the US. Before Frontier, Balduin oversaw coverage of equity markets for Bloomberg News in Europe, the Middle East and Africa. He managed 27 journalists in 17 bureaus covering the latest in the region’s stock markets. Balduin received his MBA from INSEAD in December 2008. During his time at INSEAD, he worked as a summer associate for Merrill Lynch & Co. in London, where he did extensive research on the solar PV and solar thermal industries. Balduin also has an MS in Financial Journalism from Northwestern University and a BA in History  from Duke University.

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